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Back Roads Diary

Time to hit the road for a spring fling; Nashville to Natchez. Is it hot down South yet? Probably. There's lot's to get ready after our winter hibernation. Heading towards the sun, looking for fried chicken and BBQ, romance and freedom, all things possible while shaking off the dust of waiting, but waiting for what? That is the question.

No, we're not dead...

It's hard to write a blog all the time, and I'm easily bored with doing something over and over. But lots has been happening in our photo life as well as our lives so it's time to try this blogging thing again.

We are active members of the Portland Camera Club; we have been in several photo shows in Maine; we are preparing a show for a gallery in SC; we have been to Iceland twice and will return in a month; and lastly (but not least) we have bought and sold a Class B RV and and now have on order a larger RV from Tiger Adventure Vehicles. We will soon have our Bengal Tiger and plan to do a lot more traveling in the US.


Winslow Homer's fish can be seen in his studio in Maine. (We are not dead and mounted like this fish.)

Small Things

Walking in a garden, I tend to look first at the swaths of color, the various leaf textures and the big vistas. But when I stop, look down and see the small things, I'm rewarded with unexpected beauty.

New life