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Salty, Seaweedy...Ocean Point

Outside of East Boothbay is a beautiful location, Ocean Point. Home to summer folk, it is a year round favorite with the locals. Ocean Point Walk over the rocks offers spectacular views of the ocean and islands as well as Burnt Island Light, Ram Island Light, and Cuckolds Light. On a good day, you’ll also see Seguin Island and its lighthouse towering in the distance.

In the spring colors are subdued. No greenery yet, but the rocks contain endless patterns and colorful lichens that brighten an overcast day.

Striated rock

Genus Xanthoria lichen

Like beached whales

The vastness of the views combined with the overcast day conspired to make me feel small, and I ended up processing some images in an infrared style to help convey that feeling.


Waiting for summer


But what I especially love about this place is the smell; salty, seaweedy, clean.