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Vibrant YELLOW!

For 49 weeks of the year, you could call this shrub the invisible plant...or maybe the annoying plant, when in fall, blowing leaves get caught in its intricate web of branches. For the other 3 weeks, this plant puts on a great show!

Glorious yellow in Cumberland, Maine

I look forward to seeing it like I look forward to hearing the peepers, heralding spring together. Maybe the daffodils are blooming, and some early spring star magnolias. But otherwise it's still pretty drab in the garden. Until...

Putting on a show in Yarmouth, Maine blooms! The old fashioned plant is everywhere. Draped gracefully over fences...

Softened fence

Breaking loose

...and brightening dark corners...this plant is so energetic it is hard to contain. Gardeners try to prune and manage, but the exuberant, school bus yellow spring beauty will have none of this. The branches shoot out of the bush like bright fireworks! Last year I planted 3 at the back of the garden.

Golden hillside in Falmouth, Maine

In another couple of seasons when the garden is quietly getting ready to come alive, my neighbors and I will enjoy our own splashes of bright sunshine brought to us by  forsythia. And yes, I have a renewed appreciation for bright, cheerful, happy YELLOW!