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Guest Blog with Sandra A. Wescott, Maine Photographer

3 Days of Overcast Light

Spring is here! With spring you get rain, fog, and yes some sun. Along with some beautiful spring flowers, the trees are also coming to life!

Here in Maine it really has been a little gloomy weather-wise. I have wanted to get out with my camera to capture the lush forests here in Maine. As long as it was not raining I will venture out with my camera & tripod.

Day one:

I wanted to check out a waterfall in southern Maine called the Cascades. I thought the overcast light would be perfect for this kind of photography. Having never been to this little gem, I ventured to the falls. Not able to get the image I was looking for because the water was too powerful for me, I thought I would follow the brook and maybe get some great shots there. As I came to a little high point of land looking down onto the brook, I knew I found the spot. The lush green trees on the banks of this brook and the reflections of these trees in the water, I knew that was my shot.

Spring Brook

Day 2:

I went to a wooded area of Fryeburg to photograph the trees along with the ferns. The thing that draws me to this area is the reflections you get in the small pools of water along with the nice spaces between the trees. On this occasion I was so excited; the overcast light was perfect for me to capture the trees in their lush spring green state.

Reflections of Spring

Day 3:

Pleased with what I captured in my camera with this overcast light I wanted to check out a few of my favorite places close to home. Was I in for a surprise! As I got closer to the ocean I drove into some beautiful fog. I was so excited; I was surrounded by beautiful images everywhere.

I stayed here for three hours to capture the beautiful spring trees in this beautiful atmosphere.

Beauty in the Fog

There is beauty out there to capture in your cameras! Get out there no matter if the sun is shining or not!

Apple Blossoms

About Sandi

I was lucky to have been born and raised in this beautiful state of Maine. I have a deep passion for photography. Although I dabble in many subject matters, my real interest is nature and landscape photography. Living in southern Maine makes the perfect canvas for my work.

My work has been shown in several exhibits around Maine such as The Portland Museum of Art, Boothbay Regional Art Foundation, The Riverbend Gallery, Skillin’s Greenhouse, Rockland Lobster Festival, Portland Public Library, and Buxton Public Library.

I am a long time member of The Portland Camera Club serving as President 2011-2012 & 2012-2013 seasons. I serve on the committee for the Maine Photography Show.

You can see more of Sandi's work here.