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Art Wolfe

One of my favorite photographers is Art Wolfe. I "discovered" him on Public Television through his series called Travels to the Edge with Art Wolfe. There were 2 seasons, but unfortunately there are none in production now. You can, however, order the DVDs from his web site. Each show was a perfect blend of exotic location, conservation information, beautiful videography and photography with a mini artistic lesson from Art. My dream is to join Art for a workshop. Sigh....

Known for his passionate advocacy of the environment, Art Wolfe also created a conservation-themed photo contest in 1997 as “an event for the advancement of photography as a unique medium capable of bringing awareness and preservation to our environment through art.”

The 2012 International Conservation Photography Awards is a continuation of Art Wolfe's vision and has become a biennial international event. Sponsored by The Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture at the University of Washington, in Seattle, the winning entries will be on display for 5 months.

You have until February 29, 2012 to get your entries in!

Living with Cats...

Cats are beautiful, amusing, frustrating, playful, mean, smart, clever and always in charge. The 2 cats that live with my husband, me and the standard black poodle really belong to my daughter (if a cat can belong to anyone). But her living arrangements don't allow for cats so we lucked out. I find them interesting subjects. This cat is the dominant one; can you tell?

Wild Blueberries for Breakfast!

"Wanna be an extra?" When Mike Collins told me the assignment was to eat breakfast at the Pomegranate Inn, I eagerly signed on to the Wild Blueberry Association project!

My husband and I joined the creative team from The Food and Wellness Group for an interesting afternoon. Being photographers, part of the intrigue is seeing what others are doing in the photographic realm. No big video camera this time; Geoffrey Leighton was using a Canon DSLR and a very simple set up. The final production will be featured on the Wild Blueberry web site. I can't wait to see the result!

Our location, the Pomegranate Inn "is a sophisticated pied-à-terre in the heart of Portland’s architecturally distinct" West End. Our hosts, Dana Moos and her husband Greg, offer their guests "classic accommodations with a touch of panache." Having recently published a cookbook, The Art of Breakfast, Dana will be featured in the video preparing and serving yummy dishes starring, you guessed it, Wild Blueberries!

The recipe for Cheese Blintz Souffle with Wild Blueberries (our breakfast treat) is on page 44. I should book a room just so I can have another breakfast with Dana and Greg!

Have you tried Snapseed?

Very interesting processing software for iPhone and iPad2 (Snapseed) from NIK Software. I recently installed Snapseed on my iPad. 

Yesterday I did a quick processing on an image I took several years ago. I like the results, but my husband likes the original better! You be the judge. 

After Snapseed:

Before Snapseed:


This was an unscheduled trip out to Oahu. My dear friend, Elaine, died very unexpectedly of a massive heart attack. Did she have a premonition of her death when she said to me last summer, "You know, we might not see each other again. I'm getting older." OK, she was 74, but her parents lived into their 90s. So Knapp and I went out to Honolulu for her memorial service, which was well attended by her family and friends.

We stayed longer of course to enjoy Oahu and took some pictures. Not only am I using my "real" camera, but I now have a smart phone which I have enjoyed using for quick shots. 

Diamond Head

View of Oahu from Round Top
Jurassic Park was shot here

Plate lunch, spicy shrimp

Macky's for the shrimp
More gorgeous scenery in paradise

Aloha and Mahalo!

Time for a Comeback!

It's been 2 years since I've blogged. It's not that nothing was happening; it's that I found the process tedious. Since my last attempt at blogging, I have joined Facebook (which is like a giant, random blog), gotten a smart phone which makes posting photos to Facebook a breeze, and discovered the pleasures of uploading photos "on the go" and annoying my husband some in the process! So can I find a way to make blogging more like Facebook? Stay tuned...

Ruin: Photographs of a Vanishing America

Down East books has this to say about Brian Vanden Brink's newest book, Ruin: Photographs of a Vanishing America. "Over the years, the sought-after architectural photographer Brian Vanden Brink, has stolen time from photographing the homes of the affluent to focus on deserted homes and architectural ruins - and their relationships to the surrounding landscape. In Ruin [click here to see a book sample], Vanden Brink captures and illuminates in stunning color and black and white images churches, mills, bridges, grain elevators, storefronts, the 300-foot-tall chimney of a lead smelter, and the pitch-black depths of an Air Force plutonium storage vault. Through Vanden Brink's lens, these structures become iconic, representing an America that was built and then abandoned. His photos capture the long, slow demise of structures that once held immense import and usefulness. With text by historic preservation and architecture expert Howard Mansfield, this collections of photos grants permanence to places that may soon vanish forever."

BRIAN VANDEN BRINK is an award-winning architectural photographer, whose work has been featured in many books and in Architectural Digest, Architectural Record, Metropolitan Home, Elle Decor, Coastal Living, Cottage Living, The New York Times Magazine, Boston Globe, Down East, Old House Journal, Old House Interiors, Fine Homebuilding, Custom Home, and Yankee, among many other publications.

Discovering Maine

Maine has many interesting people and surprising places. Recently we were pleased to find both at Old Sheep Meadows Nursery in Alfred at 90 Federal Street. I was expecting the usual nursery but found down the rolling, rural country road, Michal and Raymond Graber’s charming antique Maine home

surrounded by acres of cultivated gardens to showcase their love of roses, flowering trees, shrubs and perennials including their spectacular daylilies.

Raymond is the rosarian and ecologist while Michal is the landscape designer and horticulturist.

Michal specializes in English gardens as you can see.

They were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary on the afternoon we were there; 47 of those years have been spent growing the roses and daylilies together! Now that’s true love!

We spent several pleasurable hours photographing the daylilies and talking with Michal. At the end of the afternoon we couldn’t resist buying some daylilies for our garden

and selected several plants in different shades of salmon and mauve, beautiful enough for a bride’s bouquet! Want to see more?

If you love old roses or daylilies or would like to see one of Maine’s great secrets, take a trip out to Old Sheep Meadows Nursery, but call ahead to make sure they are open, 207-324-5211. And be sure to give yourself plenty of time to fully enjoy this Maine treasure!

The Maine Photography Show

If anyone has ever entered a juried art or photography show, you know how much you anticipate getting in. When the letter finally comes, you eagerly open it, with anticipation and dread in equal portions.

"Congratulations! You have been accepted into the Maine Photography Show."

Oh thank goodness!

Knapp and I received these wonderful words from the Boothbay Region Art Foundation (BRAF). Knapp got his letter first before I came home from work and was worried about what he would do if I did not get a photo accepted too! He said later that he was considering shredding it and not telling me, but I definitely doubt that!

The BRAF is located in downtown Boothbay Harbor, Maine and have a very dedicated membership who put on this show in April. They hosted a really wonderful opening cocktail reception complete with food, live music and the awards.

We each entered 2 photos and were quite pleased to each have one photo accepted. The guest juror was Elizabeth Greenberg, the Education Director at the Maine Media Workshops and College as well as an instructor.

Knapp's accepted entry, Last Ride, was in the computer category as the photo is excessively colorized in PhotoShop.

My accepted entry, Quiet Time, was in the black and white category and is an infrared image shot with a modified Nikon D70. Experimenting with infrared film is a tedious process, but with digital it is really fun!

While we didn't win in our categories, we loved being a part of the show. Congratulations to the winners! Click here to view.

Backyard Studio

A misty Sunday morning is a perfect time for a little backyard macro work and an opportunity to test out the newest gadget. Knapp just got a LumiQuest Mini Soft Box for the Nikon SB 800 flash. In the midst of a sea of Lilies of the Valley, is a lonely tulip blooming, and Knapp focused the camera on this pink beauty.

The diffuser works quite well! He is also experimenting with other diffuser materials, but this little unit is easy to set up and portable.

A little processing and cropping in Lightroom and voila!

The Trillium was also shot using the Mini Soft Box.

Getting Started

Having never done a blog, it is a little intimidating to begin. So many choices to make! I am not a person that likes too many choices. Just a few will do!

My husband, Knapp, and I are photographers, living in Portland, Maine. Other pix can be viewed at