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This was an unscheduled trip out to Oahu. My dear friend, Elaine, died very unexpectedly of a massive heart attack. Did she have a premonition of her death when she said to me last summer, "You know, we might not see each other again. I'm getting older." OK, she was 74, but her parents lived into their 90s. So Knapp and I went out to Honolulu for her memorial service, which was well attended by her family and friends.

We stayed longer of course to enjoy Oahu and took some pictures. Not only am I using my "real" camera, but I now have a smart phone which I have enjoyed using for quick shots. 

Diamond Head

View of Oahu from Round Top
Jurassic Park was shot here

Plate lunch, spicy shrimp

Macky's for the shrimp
More gorgeous scenery in paradise

Aloha and Mahalo!