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Art Wolfe

One of my favorite photographers is Art Wolfe. I "discovered" him on Public Television through his series called Travels to the Edge with Art Wolfe. There were 2 seasons, but unfortunately there are none in production now. You can, however, order the DVDs from his web site. Each show was a perfect blend of exotic location, conservation information, beautiful videography and photography with a mini artistic lesson from Art. My dream is to join Art for a workshop. Sigh....

Known for his passionate advocacy of the environment, Art Wolfe also created a conservation-themed photo contest in 1997 as β€œan event for the advancement of photography as a unique medium capable of bringing awareness and preservation to our environment through art.”

The 2012 International Conservation Photography Awards is a continuation of Art Wolfe's vision and has become a biennial international event. Sponsored by The Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture at the University of Washington, in Seattle, the winning entries will be on display for 5 months.

You have until February 29, 2012 to get your entries in!